At the lookout lodge we believe in preservation, therefore at our lodge you can experience the wildlife as is, come experience our safari and Big 5.

At Bushfellows our emphasis is on biodiversity and as such we make valiant efforts to protect species that are otherwise in jeopardy because they might clash with agricultural and stock farming activities, such as the Caracal, African Wild Cat, Brown Hyena, Serval and the African Civit. We are also proud owners of 2 out of 450 Wild dog left in Southern African,Other animals that we pride ourselves in having are the animals that are not usually found in the bushveld, such as Cape Eland which is the largest antelope in Africa, Oryx which are typically dessert animals and Red Hartebeest which also tend to occur in more arid regions. Then there are the largest additions to the Bushfellows family, the two Hippos that can be seen showing off from their deck in front of the lodge in their dam, while their calls echo through the rooms in the lodge at night.

Constantly animals are being reared on the reserve and a quick look around will tell the same story, whether you get to meet, the tiny Bat-eared Foxes that dominate the entire lodge and demand respect at all times. The Lions, Titan and Sahara, are found in their camp a short walk from the main lodge or the hand reared Guinea Fowl running in the garden. We now house 3 of the Big 5; namely the leopard Cape buffalo and Lions which have been introduced on the Reserve during 2011 and in the near future we aim to create a safe haven for the endangered Rhino and ever pleasant to see, elephant.

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Bushfellows conservation

Rescued bat-eared fox

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